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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sebuah Teater Kehidupan

Today was the first time in my life given chance to watch musical theater.. Puteri Gunung Ledang. Went there wif Amru and he bought the ticket from one of his client.. Goshh.. i couldn't believed the price was nearly Rm300+.. giler mahal!! but i just have to pay small amount.. The show starts at 3pm. I've got the gold seat... Like Amru mentioned.. the best seat whereby the theater show is eye level wif us.. hohoohoho.. really enjoyed it. It was superb.. wif all the magical touch like they mentioned in the paper.. I love to see the dance.. OMG is really fantastic.. i wish i could dance like that. Eventhough got a few error.. but it was ran smoothly.

There were quite a crowd for d first day preview. Mcm2 karenah manusia bleh lihat. Insaflah kejap. Bersyukur kepada tuhan dibesarkan dlm famili yang menjaga dan menitikberatkan sikap dan tingkah laku manusia.

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